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Robbie Burns

Robbie Burns


“Safety in Parking” – Vote Today!

Aviva Community Fund Bow Cliff Seniors is proud to be participating in the Aviva Community Fund competition again this year. Our project – “Safety in Parking” – builds on two years of fundraising  toward a new and improved parking lot, including:

  • south side sidewalks (so seniors don’t have to walk behind parked cars)
  • centre walkway (allowing safe access to all parked cars)
  • speed bumps and barriers at ends of the lot
  • signs (speed limit, handicapped parking and information)
  • landscaped planters
  • security cameras

How You Can Help

First, register for an account at (You can’t vote unless you register for an account.)

Then, starting Monday, October 3, 2011 (12pm ET), you can vote by clicking on the “VOTE” button at our Aviva Community Fund site (Bow Cliff Seniors “Safety in Parking” Project) or, if you’re on Facebook, you can vote at their page (

Once you start, please keep going! The first round lasts 15 days (October 3 to October 19) and each person registered can vote once a day. The top 90 ideas will make it into the semi-final round and the top 30 into the final round, and every vote counts!

And please, share this information with friends and friends! Post it on your Facebook wall, tweet about it, write a blog post or two, text your kids, share via intra-office email – whatever you can do to get the word out. The more people who hear about this project and vote, the more likely we’ll win the competition.

Calgary Dollars & Bow Cliff Seniors Launch the Rosscarrock Timebank Program

Building on the successful partnership that brought the Calgary Dollars Market to the Bow Cliff Seniors Centre, the two agencies are once again collaborating on an exciting new venture: The Rosscarrock Timebank project.

Timebanks have been around since the early 80’s though they have existed informally as long as there have been communities of people helping each other.

Bow Cliff Seniors, Calgary Dollars, Rosscarrock Timebank

Timebanks are based on reciprocity, assistance from others, and returning the favour

Timebanking is based on reciprocity – the concept that when people get assistance from a neighbour or a community volunteer they like to “return the favour”. A Timebank formalizes this exchange of service by assigning a value to the hours spent helping someone and this value is then “banked” and can then be used to “purchase” a needed service. Service exchanges can take place between two Timebank participants or Timebank hours can be used later for a service offered by any registered Timebank participant.

Bow Cliff Seniors, Calgary Dollars, Seniors & Teens

Teens, want to learn some cool new skills and have fun meeting the seniors in your neighbourhood?

The Rosscarrock Timebank is open to any senior or teenager who lives in the community of Rosscarrock.

Interested teens and seniors will be brought together in the fall to get to know each other and talk about needs and interests.

Calgary Dollars, Bow Cliff Seniors, Rosscarrock Timebank,

Seniors & Teens working together

From their input, a registry will be created listing skills that teens can offer – help with household chores, yard work, or snow shovelling, for example – and talents that seniors can offer – help learning skills like gardening, sewing or knitting, card games and such. Project staff will help match teen’s and senior’s needs and interests to relevant skills and talents being offered.

Are you a senior living in the community of Rosscarrock? Do you need help with things like household chores and yard work?

Calgary Dollars, Bow Cliff Seniors, Timebank, Seniors & Teens

Seniors, could you use some help from a local teen with household chores?

The Timebank is a great way for you to get help and have fun getting to know the teenagers in your neighbourhood! For information or to get involved call Corrine at 403-270-8002.

Painters Ready for Art Show

The artists are hard at work getting ready for their art show on May 6 & 7, 2011. Here are some samples of their work. The video shows an artist working with acrylics and a pallette knife.

The Art Classes here at Bow Cliff offer acrylic, oil, water color, and pastels.

Watch the video to see an artist using oils:

Panache Artist from Beginner to Award Winning

The Panache Artists are working hard preparing for their art Show & Sale on May 6 & 7, 2011.

One of the artists, Norma Lenore Trudeau Seymour has shared a few of her pieces with us in the following interviews.

Video Part 2

Music for Better Health – Harmonica improves Lung Health in Older Adults

Bill, a member of the Harmonica Tableau shares his skills on Harmonica. See video.

Martha discusses the benefits of Harmonica for our health.

Handicrafts Guild Samples

The Alberta Handicrafts Guild meets at Bow Cliff Centre on Thursday evenings 6:30 to 9:00pm.  They displayed some items to give a sampling of what beautiful pieces of art can be created from this hobby.

Handicrafts Guild Display

Rug Hooking  Wall Hanging ” Yard of Gardens”

Hand Quilting “Blue Bird”

Pieced Work “Tranquil Water Garden”

Water Colour Technique ” Floral Wreath”

Pieced Work “Mama Loon and Baby”

Sewing Machine Embroidery “Garden Door”