Robbie Burns Celebration at Bow Cliff

Robbie Burns Traditional Scottish Dress, Bow Cliff Seniors, The day to celebrate Robbie Burns Day has again arrived.  January 25, 2012 would have been Robert Burns 253rd birthday!  His writing definitely stands the test of time.  The most famous is Auld Lang Sang we sing bringing in the New Year.  Much of his poetry was very bawdy as, it turns out, was his lifestyle.  

Wikipedia has lots of information on the life of Burns

At Bow Cliff Seniors Centre, we relish celebrating the traditional Scottish event. Everyone loves to be a Scot for the day, and many of our Scottish members come out in full regalia.  Bow Cliff Seniors, Robbie Burns 2012 Celebration Calgary, Calgary Seniors, Events for Older Adults

Our Entertainment Director, Stan Wheatley has arranged a wonderful and lively ceremony today — January 18th to be sure we could book the piper, Robert Henderson. Alma Anderson will be escorting the Haggis during the piping ceremony.  The Selkirk Grace will be given by Vivian Scott. The Address to the Haggis is given by Chuck Taylor.

After lunch we will enjoy some lively Scottish Dancers to entertain us.

We encourage our members to pull out their  tartans and come celebrate with us. We are cooking up some tatties (mashed potatoes) and neeps (turnips) with a pan of meat (pork loin). 

Robbie Burns Celebration Calgary, Bow Cliff Seniors, Haggis Calgary, Events for Seniors Calgary

Haggis is part of the Tradition of the Robbie Burns Celebration

The  Haggis will be piped in on ceremony, not be be missed!

Bow Cliff Seniors, Robbie Burns 2012, Calgary Events for Seniors,
Escorting the Haggis during the Piping Ceremony

And Stan always brings a bottle of his finest Scotch so we can all enjoy a toast during the ceremony. (Glen Morange, Single Malt)

Although we are celebrating early, the actual day has many opportunities to join in the celebration. There are many great websites to guide you through hosting a Burns Dinner;

Slainte mhath! (slanju va)    To Your health!  

Happy Robbie Burns Day!


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